Submission Call

We are inviting everybody to submit film/animation/video clips that will be tansmitted via Bluetooth to the mobile phones of the general public in the public domain, prime cultural locations and art events internationally, with an invitation to upload them onto the website for their own personal online editing, in order to create new films.

If you are interested in participating in the project, please send your video clips to

All the participant film/animation/video artists will be acknowledged in the credits of the website.

How to make your film

  1. Go to the 'edit' section of the website.
  2. Select a 'KINO-PRESENT', drag it onto the timeline to view it.
  3. Click on 'Split' to cut it and 'Delete' to remove the section of the video you do not want to use.
  4. Drag another 'KINO-PRESENT' onto the timeline, and repeat the previous operation.
  5. Then you can add 'Effects', 'Themes' and 'Transitions' in between the clips. To view your film press 'play' on the bottom left of the monitor.
  6. To save it, click on an empty section of the timeline, enter a title and/or your name in the box 'Label' and press 'Save'.
  7. Your KINO-PRESENT is now available to be viewed on the 'Gallery'.

A selection of the new films created will be showcased in a final art exhibition.